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Ernest Marcinko


1. It depends on the viewpoint, most users requested it to be this way by default. You can change that here:
The settings box (in hovering mode) automatically closes whenever a click is made to the body element, except when the origin is any of the search elements.
Another possibility is to change the settings box z-index to be lower as the results box:

2. Here:
Again, this depends on the viewpoint. A lot of users have requested this, it had been added.

3 – 4. Will check on this a bit later on my test environment. I believe a few lines of custom CSS will most likely do the trick. I will have to test it first.

5. Here, by changing the number of characters to trigger the search:
Again, most of users prefer it to execute an empty search with the settings changed. Initially it was set to 3, but due to the large number of requests, it was changed to 0.

6. I believe that is not the box you are looking for. On the <span class=”code”>Advanced Options -> Exclude results</span> panel you can exclude CPT by categories/taxonomyies: Exclude CPT results by terms documentation

I hope this helps!

Ernest Marcinko

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