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Ernest Marcinko


Thank you, it is working now. There is a fatal javascript error on the middle of the page, which stops further script execution, and likely causes the plugin script to malfunction as well:

Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in <b>/home2/bruenmedia/public_html/newtimnath/wp-content/plugins/hotspot-map-wp/hotspot-map-wp.php</b> on line536

It refers to the hotspot-map-wp plugin directory. If there is any plugin with a similar name, I recommend checking it’s configuration or perhaps disabling it.
There are other errors as well on the script console, but I believe this first one might be the main cause of those as well.

To bypass the issue temporarly, I have changed the following option on the plugin back-end under the Compatibility Settings submenu:
Once the origin of the issue is resolved, just change that option back to ‘Minified’.

Ernest Marcinko

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