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Ernest Marcinko


Sorry for the late response, I wanted to test all the reported issues before responding to you. Thank you again for taking the time to letting me know, it does help a lot.

Addition of Post-Format Filter for Default Format
A. This was originally my idea to resolve this, however there is are two problems with customized term titles.
1. The translation plugins. Many customers do use WPML, qTranslatex or Polylang to translate the term titles, and use them in multiple languages. This would make it much more difficult to translate them, actually they would have to do it twice, which is not acceptable.
2. WordPress arleady has a UI to edit terms, so it would be redundant to add another one there.

Since this issue only affects this one single term, I have came up with better, but less convenient solution, which is already built-in, but not documented yet:

The filter ‘asp_post_format_standard’ gives you access to this one single term before printing, allowing you to change the name and the label, as you like it. See this custom code below.

B. You are correct, I don’t know how that got trhough the testing. I have corrected this for the ucpming release.

C. I can’t seem to recreate this issue. This was the most problematic feature to get through, but no matter what configuration I try, if the ‘Standard’ post is unchecked, I don’t see any posts from that format on my test servers.
I feel like this is going to be related to a very specific configuration.

Can you please send a screshot of your configuration on the following panels:
Frontend search settings -> Categories & Taxonomy terms
Frontend search settings -> Advanced
– The search box on the front-end, with the options visible

If you have any exclusions on the Advanced -> Exclude results, let me know that as well. I might be able to re-create it then, or tell you if there is something not okay with the configuration.

Content Type Filter
A. Yes, if I understand correctly. The content type filter should not affect the individual post types. If there are a number of post types selected within the custom post types filter, but the custom post types is not selected in this filter, it will exclude all CPT results.

B. Unfortunately no, I don’t think this would be possible.

Feature to Disable the Isotopic Default Image
Sure, I have noted this as a feature reqest.

Date Filter Bug
You are correct, my tests approve, that should be actually included. I have noted this issue as well.

Image Caching Not Functioning in Conjunction with WP Offload S3 Plugin
That may be a bit more difficult than that. Optimally, the plugin looks for the featured image, and requests it from the WordPress core itself. However there are cases, when there is no featured image, and the images are parsed from the posts content by URL. In that case, there is no further information about the media file, as it is not possible to locate an attachment by the URL only.

The best solution in this case would be to use another filter function (just like the one with the post format title), to change the image in the results using the method that the WP Offload S3 plugin does.
The problem is, that I am not familiar with that. If you happen to know how to request via a function this cached version of the image by attachment ID or by Post ID, I think I can construct a custom code to do the trick for you.

Select All / Select None Options for Categories Filter
This is actually already possible:
Taken from Taxonomy filters documentation.

Linking Attachment Search Results to Parent Posts
I looked into this, and the parent post ID is always set to the post where the attachment is attached to, I didn’t know that. This makes it possible to get the attached post URL for the attachment with a custom code:

This won’t change the attachment URL, if there is no parent, or the parent is set to 0. This may actually go to the plugin core in the next release, I would like this one as an option.

The lightbox solution is not likely to happen, given that on most WP sites there is no lightbox script availalbe, and the ones that have, there is just too many different ‘lightbox’ scripts. I wouldn’t be able to make one that works in most cases.
The only solution is to enqueue a custom lightbox script, which is again, not a good idea, as it may cause conflicts with the existing ones, if the site has any.

I may however be able to help you to initialize your lightbox script upon the results appear, most scripts are capable of that. If you can give me a wroking URL, I might be able to help.

Customizable Headers in Settings Screen for “Generic Selectors” and Date Filters
Noted, I can make this one happen in the next release.

Attachments Not Displaying When Using the Index Table
Actually, I can’t seem to re-create this one either. I feel this is again something specific. I will try to experiment with it a bit more, maybe something pops-up.

Ernest Marcinko

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