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Michael Samson

Hi Ernest,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on everything. It’s been a busy week here.

I’ve taken the time to test the solutions you’ve provided, and I have updates on every item…

Addition of Post-Format Filter for Default Format

A. I have tried using the filter you provided to customize the name of the “Standard” post-format, but unfortunately it had no effect. I changed where it said ‘Standard term’ to ‘Article’ and nothing happened. Did I use this filter incorrectly?

B. Thank you for correcting this issue. I recently found that due to that same problem if you re-saved the settings that it would end up removing the Standard post-format because it was no longer in the selections.

C. I spent a lot of time testing this issue, and made some progress, but I also uncovered new problems at the same time. The reason I was seeing Standard post-format posts mixed in no matter what post-format was selected was due to this feature being turned on in the Front-End Search Settings -> Advanced tab: “Show posts/CPM with empty (missing) taxonomy terms?” This was the cause of that problem, and when I turned it off I no longer saw the Standard posts appearing where they shouldn’t.

I have also turned off the settings for “Ignore checkbox filters that have nothing selected?” and “Allow results with missing custom fields, when using custom field selectors?” We’re not using any custom fields right now for filters.

The setting for “Category/Taxonomy terms logic” is set to “At least one selected terms should match.” The setting for “Logic between taxonomy groups” is set to “AND (default).”

I noticed during the testing that I was seeing inconsistent search results when selecting certain combinations of post-formats. To help narrow down the problem I made sure to only search for posts (and excluded all other search types). What I found was that if I selected two post-formats simultaneously, I seemed to get correct search results. But as soon as I would add a third post-format or more, I would get inconsistent results.

An example is I select post-formats for Image and Gallery, and I see 10 results which seem to be accurate. But then I go ahead and add a third post-format (lets say “Video”) and now some of the results from the previous search with two post-formats no longer display.

I also found that this was occurring when selecting all of the post-formats. I found that lots of search results would not be displayed that would display if I limited the post-formats to just one or two. There is definitely some kind of problem going on in general when selecting different combinations of post-formats. It is extremely inconsistent, and at this point I don’t think it’s my configuration.

Btw, in case you’re wondering, I am very easily able to see this kind of issue because we have lots of test posts and they all use titles identifying their post-format. We use titles like “Article Test Post” and “Video Test Post,” etc, to make it easy to identify things during testing. So I can quickly tell when the search is not being consistent with regards to post-formats.

Related Issue: See All Search Results
During my testing I also found that the “See All Search Results” button had an incorrect number at all times. It never reflected the same number of search results seen in the ajax results screen.

Content Type Filter

A. I think you misunderstood what I meant. What I don’t understand is that in this filter I had to select “Custom Post Types” in order to add normal posts to the filter. There was no option to simply have Posts. This is what I was asking about, as I had to use Custom Post Types to have Posts be a filter option.

B. That’s unfortunate. Right now I have this labeled as “Categories & Subcategories” which is on the longer side. It also looks funny listed directly under the much shorter filter options of Posts, Media, and Members. On our site we call tags Subcategories by the way. I wish there was a way to split this into two options.

Feature to Disable the Isotopic Default Image

Thank you for adding this to the proposed features. I think you should add these options:

Show Only the Title
Show the Title and Description (I just thought of this one)

Date Filter Bug

I’m really glad you were able to confirm this issue exists, and I look forward to seeing it corrected. Thanks!

Image Caching Not Functioning in Conjunction with WP Offload S3 Plugin

There have been some key decisions made here regarding this problem.

First, just to make things clearer, the images in the search results are currently loading directly from S3 using the rewritten URLs from the WP Offload S3 plugin. This is what ASP did by default in combination with WP Offload S3. And as reported last time, the image caching system stopped functioning. It was unable to cache the images, and the images in the search results were not coming from the cache.

We started thinking about the caching of these images and realized something important. Even if the image cache was working in combination with WP Offload S3, those images would then be stored in the /uploads/bfi_thumb/ folder. This completely bypasses the entire purpose of us using WP Offload S3, which is to reduce the disk space on our servers. We will ultimately have a huge number of posts for search, and the images would take up a lot of space (even at the smaller dimensions). It makes a lot more sense for us to keep the search related images in S3 just as we’re doing for all post related images.

So rather than fix this conflict we are deactivating the image caching in ASP, and are instead making sure that our site creates a 300x375px image specifically to be used in ASP search results. These images will be stored in S3 as part of our normal media upload process.

I found this setting under General Options -> Image Options -> Featured Image Size Source

It looks like this feature was designed to be used when the image caching is turned off. Am I correct? If that’s the case then we wouldn’t need a filter here at all, and rather just select the image size we want to use. Does that sound right? We will of course have to test this to ensure that it can successfully use the correct image size from S3 (right now it is having no problem using the full size image from S3).

Select All / Select None Options for Categories Filter

Thank you for pointing out where this option was. I’m not sure how I missed it! I have it all setup and it’s working perfectly.

Linking Attachment Search Results to Parent Posts

When I wrote this last time I actually forgot there was already a related option in the Attachments settings for what to do with attachment search results. The two existing options are “Link the results to attachment page” or “Link the results to attachment file directly.”

So I installed the filter provided that looks to see if the attachment (media) search results have any “attached content” in the media library, and then to use that URL for the search result. I’m happy to say that this filter worked perfectly! I tested it with a number of media files, and in every case it used the proper post URL in the search results.

Seeing how nicely this works I have an obvious suggestion for you:

Since you already have the two options mentioned above for attachments, why not add this filter as a built-in third option. It would be “Link the results to attached content in media library.” If you build this into your plugin’s core than I can remove it from functions.php.

On our end we are going to make sure that all of the media on our site is properly attached to it’s parent post. This will be automatic. In combination with this new feature in ASP, it means all of our media search results will link to the posts it originated from.

Lastly, you may also want to add a fall-back option just case the media is somehow not attached. I don’t really need this, but it’s not a bad idea.

Regarding what I said about a light-box option… I do not need this. It was always my intention to link the media directly to it’s parent post.

Customizable Headers in Settings Screen for “Generic Selectors” and Date Filters

Thanks for including this in the next release!

Attachments Not Displaying When Using the Index Table

Some bad news here. First I tested this option again, and enabled the index table for attachment search results. I tried a variety of configurations and nothing I did made this work. In all tests I could not get a single attachment search result to display.

Here’s where things got worse…

When I turned back the setting to make attachments use a standard search, suddenly this too was not working. Now I can’t get any attachment search results either way! Yieks!

I’ve been looking this over for 30 minutes now without success. I can’t get any attachment search results any more and I don’t know why. The only thing I can think of is that I cleared the cache and regenerated the index tables a few times. But I’m not sure why that would have caused this. There is also the fact that some of the posts do predate the installation of WP Offload S3. I wonder if the media results I was seeing were only from before the installation. Perhaps this is why it’s not working, as I cleared all the caches.

If that’s the case then this means the attachment search is not working with WP Offload S3. I hope that’s not what’s going on here. I’m concerned because attachment search results are very important to our platform and they must function.

I can provide you with a copy of WP Offload S3 if we have to for testing.


My continued thanks for all your help Ernest. I hope we can get everything working perfectly. Search is really a central part of this platform we’re building.

Talk soon,

~ Michael