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Ernest Marcinko

Hi Michael,

Thank you for getting back to me!

A. My mistake, it should be the name attribute, not the title:

<script src=””></script>

C. “An example is I select post-formats for Image and Gallery, and I see 10 results which seem to be accurate. But then I go ahead and add a third post-format (lets say “Video”) and now some of the results from the previous search with two post-formats no longer display.”

I guess you have the results limit set to 10, as it is by default. So the live results list displays 10 results at most. Whenever the ‘Video’ is added, the video post format posts should be displayed as well. That does not mean however, that those will be appended to the end of the previous results list (image and gallery), as this is a completely new search process with a different configuration – thus if there are more relevant video post format posts, those will be displayed instead, based on the ordering.

Posts with the video post format extend the potential results list within the search query. The database query will first check the restrictions, then organize the set of results, group them, then order them, then cut them off at the limit.

More results, results counter
It may actually differ, for multiple reasons. There is a limit set on this number, so when this is set to load more results it does not flood the live results list. Also, during the post-processing some results may be removed and may differ in the actual count. If the counter was to show the actual expected number of results after post-processing, it would have to post process all the results, then return the count, which may crash the server in many cases. (I have actually tested this on a somewhat bigger database, it was very accurate, but horrible performance/crashed the server) This number is the raw count of rows that matched the full query, before the post processing, adjusted by an approximation of the potentially removed results.
The results page may also have a separete query adjusting the final results count, that unfortunately can’t be affected.

Image Caching Not Functioning in Conjunction with WP Offload S3 Plugin

“I found this setting under General Options -> Image Options -> Featured Image Size Source”
This actually works both ways, if the image caching is turned off, it will simply return the image defined, otherwise it will pass this image to the crop algorithm.

I think you should simply turn off the Crop images for caching? under the Cache settings submenu. If the offload cache plugin has a filter activated on getting the attachments function, it should automatically overwrite the image urls, and return them that way.

Linking Attachment Search Results to Parent Posts
Thank you for the feedback, I will definitely add this to the core as an option. I will think about the fallback feature as well.

Attachments Not Displaying When Using the Index Table
I believe I know why. Someone else reported a similar problem with some debug information. There is some sort of issue with the table aliases whenever the attachments are selected. It appears to affect some database versions/configurations only, as it worked on my end for some reason, but it actually should not, as the table alias is indeed incorrect in the code. This will be corrected as well in the next release.

Ernest Marcinko

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