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Ernest Marcinko

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your responses, I did read them earlier, I just didn’t have enough time to respond yet.

Addition of Post-Format Filter for Default Format
C. As long as you don’t see any major performance differences, I think it is completely fine to have more results. 50/100 as limits sounds great. I usually recommend keeping them under 100/200, and that is halfway there, it should be fine.

More results, Results counter
I was actually incorrect in my original question, as I said this number never matched the number in the ajax results. This is incorrect because the number in the more results button reflects the number of results on the search results page (not what’s in the ajax results). I also now understand that the limits are set differently between the ajax results and results pages (which would always make this number different from what’s in the ajax results). Am I correct?

Yes, that is actually correct. I believe there is a minor difference whenever this is used for loading more results or redirection to the results page, I don’t actually recall exactly.

Your setup sounds really advanced, I really hope the plugin will work more-less as expected, as it has never been tested on such a huge platform.

Attachments Not Displaying When Using the Index Table
The attachments in WordPress are actually stored in the same table as the Posts, so I am convinced that this is not related to your server, as the plugin would not work with any other post types either.

I have actually two possible guesses here, as I looked up the attachments search file.

1. Either there is something not okay with the configuration
2. ..or possibly, the taxonomy term filters affecting the attachments

I feel like this is going to be no 2. in this case. To test my theory, try creating another search instance (which you can delete later) for testing only. Then configure it:
– remove the default Post and Page post type under the General Options -> Sources panel
– Enable the attachments search under the General Options -> Attachments panel

This way only attachments should be returned. Now, try a few search queries. If there are any results, then this is very likely one of the two issues. Let me know, and I will try suggesting some modification to get through it.

Ernest Marcinko

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