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Michael Samson

Hi Ernest,

It’s the end of my day but I wanted to respond to you quickly since I just ran a few tests…

Addition of Post-Format Filter for Default Format


As long as you don’t see any major performance differences, I think it is completely fine to have more results. 50/100 as limits sounds great. I usually recommend keeping them under 100/200, and that is halfway there, it should be fine

Thank you for letting me know this. I don’t want to overwhelm the users with search results, but it was important to have a good number show up in ajax. That’s the main reason why I chose ASP in the first place! 😉

More results, Results counter

Yes, that is actually correct. I believe there is a minor difference whenever this is used for loading more results or redirection to the results page, I don’t actually recall exactly.

I’m using the more results button to redirect to a search results page, and am then overriding the default WP results. I hadn’t considered using this to load more ajax results, and will have to look at that option. We do have some challenges related to using search result pages, but those have nothing to do with ASP.

Your setup sounds really advanced, I really hope the plugin will work more-less as expected, as it has never been tested on such a huge platform.

Yes, our setup is extremely advanced and I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished thus far. I actually chose your search originally because it was so well developed and thought out. I was looking specifically for an ajax search, and was very impressed by what I saw in Ajax Search Pro. Once I started working with the plugin I was blown away by its sophistication and flexibility. You really have put together an amazing search. Add to that your fantastic support and willingness to make improvements; it’s a win-win scenario!

One thing to remember about our platform is that it’s new. While we intend for it to grow quickly and eventually become huge, it is not there yet. It’s not even launched yet. Once we do launch I am looking forward to showing you the site in particular. I’ve personally done the integration work for ASP, and I think you’ll be impressed. We’ll have plenty of time to test further and make refinements as the site grows, so I’m not worried. This will ultimately be a great use-case for you! (and a way to show off what ASP is really capable of)

Attachments Not Displaying When Using the Index Table

Your suggestion to remove the posts from the search made sense, so I just tested it. We actually aren’t using pages as a source in our search at all (as our content is all post based).

Unfortunately this made no difference with trying to get attachment results. I did notice one thing. I seem to be able to get attachment results for my own avatar in test comments on some posts. But I can’t get any attachment results whatsoever for items in the media library. I still believe this is related to our use of WP Offload S3.

Let me ask you this, do the attachments have to be located in the /uploads folder in order to be returned in search results?

The reason I ask is that none of our actual media files are stored in /uploads. That’s why we’re using WP Offload S3. All of our media files are stored in an S3 bucket. You can still see the files in the media library, but all of their URLs point to S3. There are no actual files stored locally in /uploads. Could this be preventing the search from returning attachment results?

I’m having difficulty reconciling why this was functioning earlier and then suddenly stopped. Something obviously changed. When the attachments were working in search I could easily test it by taking the name of an attachment file and searching for it. The attachments would immediately come up that way. But this all stopped working for some reason.

I haven’t really changed many settings in ASP either. I have tested a few settings myself to see if they were the cause, but no luck.

This is a frustrating issue. I hope we can figure it out together!

~ Michael