Reply To: Search Dropdown Filter Issue


Ernest Marcinko


Thanks for the proper details, I was able to find the cause.

The plugin z-indexes are fine, but because the search and settings and the results are placed in different elements, those element z-indexes must be adjusted as well. If any parent element to the drop-down has a z-index set, no matter how big the drop-down z-index is set, the parent z-index will apply. And most sections have a z-index of 1, they will flow as printed – so the section containing the results will overflow the section wit the search.

To change that, this custom CSS should do the trick:

#av_section_1 main,
#av_section_1 .flex_column_div {
    z-index: 999;

This will change the z-index of the first section (containing the search), the main section within, as well as the container element before the search.

Ernest Marcinko

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