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Hi there,

Yes. That’s the issue. that field contained <abbr><b>, which I deleted and cleared caches. But it didn’t seem to make much difference.

We are very keen to retain the product tags as customers use and like them (they got used to them when we previously used YITH Ajax Search). The formatting difficuty I have is that both the Tag itself and the Description are returned in the results. This causes repetition.

Ideally, I would be able to choose either just the Tag itself, or just the description.

If just the Tag itself, it would be great to have a universal prefix, eg: “Department – Sugar-free” or “Section – Sugar-free” (Same for Product Categories, but we rely on these less)

If just the description, then it would be good to format the title differently from the paragraph text, bearing in mind that the Description would normally be a headline related to the tag, but not exacty the tag, followed by some narrative text about the products in the tag.

Many thanks.