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Michael Samson

Hi Ernest,

I’ve returned from my trip and finally had a chance to start working on this all again.

I updated ASP to the latest version and then did some testing to try and solve the issue with our attachment results not functioning.

I took your advice and created a new search instance to test with and had a breakthrough. I found that the attachment results were indeed functioning in the test instance, proving my problem is configuration related. The difficulty now is in finding the source of the problem in my configuration. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. I was wondering if perhaps you could help me to figure this out?

I’m attaching here a copy of my instance from an export…

I’m hoping that you can find the problem more quickly than I can. I have tried changing many settings, but so far no luck. You’ll see that with this configuration the attachment results do not function. There’s probably some kind of bug here, but I don’t know what setting it is related to.


I also wanted to follow up with you on the items below…

I don’t expect you to be able to get to all of this immediately. It’s just easier to track things in a thread by copying them down this way.


Attachments Not Displaying When Using the Index Table

I believe I know why. Someone else reported a similar problem with some debug information. There is some sort of issue with the table aliases whenever the attachments are selected. It appears to affect some database versions/configurations only, as it worked on my end for some reason, but it actually should not, as the table alias is indeed incorrect in the code. This will be corrected as well in the next release.


Feature to Disable the Isotopic Default Image

I almost didn’t see you had added this ability. ?
This is working very nicely, and I only have one additional request. You’ve added the following options:

Show the default image
Show the description
Don’t show that result

Can you please add an option to show only the title. The reason I’m asking for this is that the search results usually only display the title. I’d prefer to keep it that way even on results without an image.

Sure, I have noted this as a feature request.

Thank you for adding this to the proposed features. I think you should add these options:

Show Only the Title
Show the Title and Description


Date Filter Bug

I just found this issue today. I have the date filters enabled and set to always start with a date range of exactly one year ago through the current date. I’m using the Relative Date feature and setting the To Date to 0 years, 0 months, 0 days before current date. That should result in any search results on today’s date being included in the search results. But this is where I found the problem. Posts that I made today were not displaying in the results (even after updating the index table manually).

I did some testing and found this was a date related problem. If I set the search to display results through tomorrow’s date then suddenly the posts from today were displaying. So for some reason when setting the date range to display results through the current date, it is not including the current date in the results.

You are correct, my tests approve, that should be actually included. I have noted this issue as well.


Linking Attachment Search Results to Parent Posts

It’s easier to just read everything we wrote on this above, instead of me copying it here. 😉

Thank you for the feedback, I will definitely add this to the core as an option. I will think about the fallback feature as well.


Customizable Headers in Settings Screen for “Generic Selectors” and Date Filters

I know you took care of the title for the Generic Selectors. Thank you for that! It would also be helpful to have a customizable title for the Date Filters, so I could write something like “Filter by Date”…

Noted, I can make this one happen in the next release.


That’s all for now!

~ Michael

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