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Michael Samson

Hi Ernest,

Attachment Search

I can’t thank you enough for finding the source of my attachment problem. I had a feeling that if I provided you with my configuration you’d be able to pinpoint the source of the problem much faster than me.

So this actually makes a lot of sense, because I had purposefully turned off the “Show posts/CPM with empty (missing) taxonomy terms” setting a few weeks ago. This is why my attachment search suddenly stopped functioning. I turned this setting back on and like magic the attachments are displaying again.

Here’s the issue…

The reason I had turned off this setting in the first place was because it was causing problems with post-format filters. The problem is that when this setting is turned on that the default post-format will display in search results even when it is not selected. So for example, if I select to only show image posts in the search results, the default posts (we call them articles) will also be displayed. A few weeks back I found that if I turned this above setting off it solved this problem. What I didn’t realize at the time was that this is what broke the attachment search.

So the question is, can you fix this problem with the default post-format in the filters?

Obviously we don’t want the default post-format to display in search results if it isn’t selected. I’m thinking this is something you just missed when first introducing this to the filters.

Btw, the attachment search results are working beautifully now, and there are no problems fetching the images from the S3 bucket (via the WP Offload S3 plugin).


Attachments Not Displaying When Using the Index Table

I have turned on the index table option for attachments and can confirm that it is now working properly. Thanks for getting this one fixed!


Feature to Disable the Isotopic Default Image

Today I decided to take advantage of the new feature you added to display the background color in the search result cards if no image is present. I really like this feature and it is working perfectly. We needed to turn this on because without it the result cards were only the height of the title. I want to maintain a perfect grid, so this was an elegant solution.

I did have to do a little custom css however as the title was displaying at the top of the card when no image was present. It was a simple css fix.

I wanted to mention to you that it seems the default behavior of the isotopic results is to only display the title. This is exactly what I want, as there’s not enough room to show more than the title. I had previously requested to add these options when no image is present:

Show Only the Title
Show the Title and Description

What I realized however is that the title is already the only thing being displayed. In our case we’re displaying the title over the background color when no image is present. So technically I don’t need these other options. If you did add more options, I would need something like “Show Title and Background Color.” But as I said, this is already what it’s doing.


Date Filter Bug and Linking Attachment Search Results to Parent Posts

coming in next release

Sounds great! Thank you!

When you do integrate the attachment results functionality I’ll need to remove the filter that you originally provided.


Customizable Header in Settings Screen Date Filters

I purposely left out this one out for now, as there is a header text for both inputs separately:
I think I will have to make a bigger change there, to somehow display these labels before the inputs, then introduce a 3rd label, that would be above them.

That makes sense. There just needs to be a main header above the entire container to match the other sections. I’ll end up making the sub-titles for the two date fields a little smaller, so they don’t compete with the top header.


Intermittent Bug With Number of Search Result Columns (Cards)

I ran into this very strange issue today during testing. It’s not something I’ve ever seen before, so the problem may be on our end somehow. I wanted to bring it to your attention just in case.

What I was seeing was that the number of search result columns kept increasing every time I would perform a search. It would start off with the normal number of columns, and then on subsequent searches there would be one additional column. This kept repeating over and over again, and each time there would be more columns and the result cards would be smaller and smaller. As I said, I’ve never seen this before. The problem is intermittent and seemed to go away if I would refresh the page and start over.


Quick Questions

1. I started using the export/import function today to transfer my configuration from the production environment to development. I’m using the export/import of settings feature (not the instance). I didn’t have any problems, but was wondering afterwards if it really worked perfectly. That’s my question… how perfect is the export/import of settings? Does it really get every single setting?

2. While doing a search today I noticed that using a common word like “the” could actually produce non-relevant results. A word like this can be used at the beginning of many search terms, when the real relevant word(s) come after the word “the.” So I was wondering if there was some kind of solution to this? Perhaps there’s a feature that already exists for this kind of tweak.


My thanks as always for your continued help and support. You’ve honestly provided the best support I’ve ever received for a premium plugin. I’m very impressed by you, and grateful. I’m looking forward to showing you our platform when it finally goes live (in a few months still). 😉

~ Michael