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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko

Hi Sean!

If by inline stylesheets you mean the “style=..” on some nodes, then I would not recommend doing anything about it. Some of them are coming from the php code, some of them from the javascript. I’m highly against inline stylesheet solutions, but there was a very solid reason to implement them – compatibility. The plugin also uses 3rd party javascripts, some of them are also doing the same, it’s the cross browser, cross javascript madness and only if there was a better way to deal with it. By trying to remove some of them will most likely cost you an unexpected error, which you may not even notice.

Also, if you examine the stylesheets, you will notice that each of the search instances are marked with an id, like “#ajaxsearchpro1 .proinput etc…”, and this is also a highly unadvised way of making css files. However following the conventional class, sub-class selectors I was facing so many support tickets for various layout problems, that I couldn’t deal with them. There was no way to prevent other plugin/theme stylesheets from overriding my selectors but to use id-s. As you probably know id selectors in CSS have a precedence over classes, thus putting a code under id-s will fix most of these problems. I’m on the way of releasing a new product and it looks like I may have found a better solution, but it needs to be tested first 🙂

I whish I could join your project, however my timetable is full for the next couple of months. Besides that I promised myself I would only focus my energy exclusively on envato products.

If you have more questions I’m happy to help you, I usually answer in 24 hours (except for weekends).

Ernest Marcinko

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