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Hello Ernest.
Ok so it’s back… Here’s my feedback.
Very timely support – much better than more established developers 🙂
This plugin is just way too complicated. Having options is great I’m sure, but the reality is the GUI layout is very confusing to a mere human like me.
For example rather then to boxes where you are shown ALL the Cat.s to then EXCLUDE them – why not simply tick them on/off in one box? Imagine if I had hundreds to Categories!
I still see posts/pages in my output that I’m not expecting – but accept that the way that you can search via type/Content (and numerous other options you provide) may well be the source of the problem.

So having tried to wade through for a couple of hours I have given up. It is, still – just not seeing the standard WordPress Categories and tags (many, many other options which I guess are buried in the theme template, but of no use to me?!).

I have no doubt that it’ll do what I want it to do – but I just don’t have the time or inclination to learn WP to that detail and learn your methodology.

It’s a real shame because I still need the function, but it just didn’t work out.