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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko

No problem at all, I help when I can. If you want and you are satisfied with the product, you can leave a rating on the plugin anytime.

The problem actually is, that the header is made of of 3 blocks. The on on the left contains the logo, the one on the middle contains the menu and the search and the one on the right contains the social stuff. The size ration of these elements as I look at the code is 16.6%, 66.6% and 16,6% so these are responsive, which is great. However the logo inside the first column (16,6%) does not respond to resizing, so the second column (66.6%) covers it when resizing, because the logo passed it’s boundary. This looks like that the search is hovering over the logo, when actually the logo is passing trhough the border of the left column.
Similary you can try a CSS code to make it respond:

#logo img {
   max-height: 70px;
   max-width: 231px;
   min-width: 150px;
   width: 100%;

This worked for me nicely on my dev console.

Ernest Marcinko

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