Reply To: Behaviour when grouping results


Hi Ernest,

Thanks a lot for your reply. I totally understand your problematic to select what to include in your todo list. It’s very nice to take my needs into account.

I join a fake screenshot of what I have in mind. You will see the categories and products separators in dark red. It’s like some other ecommerce searches, to show the results by type: products, categories, …

A last question: does Ajax Search Pro have some hook that I can catch with javascript with for example: $(document).on(‘asp-resultsloaded’, function() { … });

I ask because I use another plugin for faceted search which provide 2 hooks available in javascript, for refresh start and when facets have been loaded. It’s really useful to interact with the facets or the results direcly via jquery.

In my case, hooks usable in JS could solve my problem, even if it’s not the best way for performances (regenerate the results ordering).

Have a nice day,


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