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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko

Well, that means it’s not the javascript either.

So it’s not the CSS because first of all there is not a single rule in the plugin CSS file that can apply to any other content than the plugin itself. Second of all it’s rendered the same way each and every page refresh.

But it’s not the javascript either, because no events are fired for at least 2 seconds and if I understand correctly the issue appears almost instantly, right after the page is loaded.

I’ve spent an hour refreshing the browsers on 2 machines like 500 times, but every single time the page is rendered correctly. I’ve tried lower, higher resolutions, clicking randomly, refreshing, interrupting the requests, but nothing at all.

I’m afraid that this is going to be something else. The fact that any computer in my location renders the page correctly at any given time, and for you is the opposite I suspect there is something wrong with the connection either on the server side or somewhere inbitween. What I mean is that either one or more of the CSS or javascript files doesn’t load, or loads incorrectly, or it’s a cache miss or something.

I honestly never encountered a strangest issue ever, and I honestly have no idea why the page is different for us.

Ernest Marcinko

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