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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko

This is the current method for decoding:

parse_str(base64_decode($_GET['asp_data']), $s_data);

After that, the $s_data will contain all the information passed through as an associate array.

You might also find the includes/hooks.php file interesting. The first function there is the one that filters the default search results with the ones from ajax search pro. If you look at line 23, it says:

$res = ajaxsearchpro_search();

This is the most important line there. The $res variable will contain all the search results that ajax search pro returns as an array, which might be extremely useful to you. If you stored that variable somewhere or make it global, you will have access to it in the search.php theme file.

That might save you some time 😉

Ernest Marcinko

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