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I appriciate your effort, but it still not came to a final results.. Let me explain

1. As you guessed, I need my custom fields results. ( all fields. If you just put one and as you shown in Image, rest I can)

2. As per image, you have set Name custom fields. BUT the names as in this url
dose not come in search results. and in search result, theres no name field too.. I dont knoww what happened. Do it needed to insert name also here ?
3. Second Part, Pls let me know where you changed to take out that filter outside the right drop drown ans how you show it as in first appearance itself as in

Please do let me know where where I have to set to get the search results in custom field? that is my main issue.
If I take Name field here (
how to set the followings? this is what Im confusing a lot..
sample_value1||Sample Label 1
sample_value2||Sample Label 2**
sample_value3||Sample Label 3