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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


Thank you for the proper details.

I turned on the custom ajax handler on the compatibility options submenu and the autocomplete as well, that helped some. The response time is now between 1.5-3 seconds.

Something is still interfering with the ajax request, as the search function itself only takes 0.24 seconds on average according to the performance tracker, which is very good:

It means, that on average the search only operates for 0.24 seconds, the rest of the request time other plugins/system is running.

The possible causes of the delay can be:

  • High plugin count – using over ~10 plugins extremely affect every ajax request response times overall
  • Unoptimized plugins – many plugins use their libraries in ajax requests, even if it’s not neccessary
  • Unoptimized theme – very rare, usually current themes are very good
  • Server speed and performance – in your case I think this is not an issue

You can try to run the P3 Performance profiler plugin to see how each plugin affects your page loading time. The page loading time is not the same for ajax requests, but it’s a good starting point.

More info in the documentation:
Chapter: Performance Tuning
Fine tuning the search
Performance tracker explained

Ernest Marcinko

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