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Cyril Darmouni

Hi Ernest

i ahve work many hours to implement it correctly but i still have some issues

first it does not work properly on Firefox and Explorer edge no idea

then i have a multisite where on one site i want to search the post
and on i want to search items and same on

the only problem is when i select strip shortcode to avoid having an ugly results it does not do it correctly

i have set up the search initially from guide to be able to adjust the items

would it be possible to exchange on skype and temaviewer like i do with many dev and show you the issue

i do not know why it does not read Visual Composer shortcode

I am very close to have it correct

i would rather you help me and pay one hour of support so we have the search correcct

I have tried for 5 hours

and it like you save on one blog it cancel the other one
the search option also do not get align

i need your expertise

i am avaialble on skype mcgintl
whatever you like