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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


I just got an email of your response, I’m pretty sure I responded like two weeks ago, but it looks like it got lost somehow. I’ll ask the hosting provider if they did any rollbacks, yours might not be the only answer that got lost. I’m sorry about that.

Where did that error message occur? Did it repetitively occur, or was it in an error log? I’m not sure I can re-create the error, but I can try to add a check statement for zero division.

The plugin should parse the image from the post content automatically if it’s not finding the featured image. Is the image directly in the content, or is it added with a shortcode?

The search closed automatically because of a custom CSS rule. I remember I checked your site and found it, but I don’t recall what the rule was. I tried to check now, but the plugin seems to be inactive and hovering over the icon does nothing.
The problem with your approach is that you are using a menu element, which contains the search. When the user hovers over the search icon, the actual search bar is opened, and the “:hover” state is still active. However when clicking into the search box the “:hover” state is no longer active so the bar goes back to the 0 width as defined in your CSS rule. There is no way of telling the icon to stay opened if the input is focused, because there is no way of selecting parent elements in CSS.
That’s why I suggested that partial JS solution, but there was this one CSS rule I found that didn’t work with it.

Ernest Marcinko

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