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Just added the details for ftp.
If you could take a look, it’d be a great help for me.
I don’t think i’ll have problems in editing the header.php, just thought there was an option in the plugin’s dashboard that i didn’t see.
The big issue is the result page. I need a page displaying every item of the search (posts, pages and products).
I’m sorry, i don’t find the email you sent to me, but i’ve found a short log that i’ve forwarded to my chief after our conversation


Thanks for the kind words!

The lite version can only redirect to the default search result page.

The pro version can do a bit more, but it’s limited as well. It basically can override the default results page, so pages, posts, products are also displayed – but it cannot override the layout. So it’s still uses the the theme default search page, but different results. The products can be displayed there, but they will look different as on the WooCommerce search page.

WooCommerce has it’s internal search with a different template, but neither the free or the pro version can override the results there. There is an option in the pro version to change the redirection URL, so I usually suggest to change that to point to the woocommerce search results page. (if the user prefers to display products rather than posts)

Best regards,
Ernest Marcinko”

Sorry for bothering, but having a complete results page is what prompted us to buy this plugin.
Any help will be very welcome!