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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


I’ve invesitvaget the results override problem on my test environment, and there is indeed an issue when the grouping is enabled. I took some time and most likely fixed this problem within the new version (4.6). I’m attaching the release candidate version to this post, please install it, it should solve the problem with the missing results on the default wordpress results page. However grouping on the results page is not possible to add by the plugin. It’s fully controlled by the theme, and I believe it’s only possible to do by changing the code completely in the search.php file in the theme folder.

I’ve also looked if there is anything I can do about changing the order of the post type groups, but I’m afraid there is nothing I can do right now. Grouping in general is probably the most complicated part of the plugin right now. I’m planning to completely re-work the whole grouping thing with more options, right now it’s a bit too strict and not too friendly. Your request seems fair and square, but the current state of the grouping mechanism does not allow such action unfortunately 🙁

You can exclude pages by IDs or by parent-child structures on the Advanced Options -> Content panel (scrolling almost to the bottom):
The options says Exclude Posts by ID’s (comma separated post ID-s), but it works with pages and custom post types as well 🙂

Also, this custom CSS code should solve the z-index issue:

.prosettings {
    z-index: 0 !important;
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