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Hi, Thanks again for all the help! Just a few other things I’m noticing as I’m changing some of the settings.

1. Is it possible to re-order the filters?
2. I’d like to rename the filter “Jobs” to “Jobs Feed” Jobs is a category of the newsfeeds CPT.
-Also with Jobs, from my understanding, if you select jobs, you must also select Newsfeeds since jobs is a category within newsfeeds. However is there any way we can make it so they do not need to select both?
3. I’m wondering if it’s possible to have the filters be remembered for the next search that a user performs. This is something that my supervisor says is highly important and may not have filters as an option for users.
4. Also since the last changes you made, we’ve noticed code comes up at the top of the page when we do a search (see screenshot)
5. We did a search for “higher” and selected only Other Pages as a filter and on page 3 we are getting a 404 error, I think this is similar to an issue you said was with wordpress but you had applied a fix.
6. Also I was looking into the index table option, and I’m wondering if it would work for us as I read that the index table allows for a faster search. My concern is that with the feeds being pulled in, the index table may not get updated properly, especially as not too long ago we were having several issues with our caching plugin affecting some of our dynamic content.
7. Also, sometimes when searching only under “Articles & Resources,” I still get Page results in the preview. (See screenshot)
8. When we display results from newsfeeds, the description displays in a single paragraph tag, where it should really be separated into several parts. I looked into the plugin that allows them to be pulled in, and they actually don’t allow for feeds to come up in search by default, and they do not have an option to change it. The support for the rss plugin told us we need to create a custom search template for the rss posts. To me, this means that they are showing in search because I selected in this search plugin to search those types of content–which is exactly what I want, but it seems as though this plugin is somehow stripping the html that is normally part of those entries–the text is all jumbled, the source, date, and author is lumped in with the rest of the description, and we need to be able to separate them and style it all separately. (see screenshot)
9. Lastly, for some reason, some of the behind the scenes types are showing in search results. For example, “Types Groups” “Content after Posts” “Feedback” “Views” I think these are all things from other plugins. These are the only ones I’ve found in the results, but I’m concerned that there could be others. I looked through all of the options for how to exclude things from search and I’m unable to specify for any of these to not show.

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