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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


The plugin can only populate results downwards, the calculations are hard coded into the javascript files, so currently it’s not possible to change.

I see 3 possible solutions in your case:

1. Using the results shortcode, putting the results somewhere on the sidebar, or to another absolute potisioned div element on the page.

2. Instead of populating downwards, using the compact search layout to save additional website space.

3. Creating a similar wrapper as on the admin panel of the plugin. My approach would be to create a fully transparent DIV element in the corner of the page with a height of 500 pixels or more. Then set the positions to bottom: -450px; right: 0; so it’s basically pushed down, only the top 50 pixels is visible. Then put the search shortcode inside this element, so it’s visible, because it’s on the top of this new DIV element. Then create a javascript code to “lift” the DIV element to bottom: 0; position, thus revealing the rest of it – for example on a hover event or something similar.

However this solution requires a good HTML, CSS and javascript knowledge, otherwise you might run into issues.

Ernest Marcinko

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