Reply To: Override search results page


Just a couple quick questions. A few things came up in testing and we were wondering if you have a target date or estimate date for:
-filter settings staying the same after going to the search (including if its a different search instance, such as from my jobs page, the main search page shows the main search always)
-grouping results on the search page/prioritizing types of results, (maybe even sorting those types of results once on the search page?? that I realize might be a stretch, but definitely would be a cool feature!)

Also, just curious if we can have the custom post type selectors under front end search settings show above the “default values” (which in our case we are just using pages)

Also as a side note, if you aren’t aware of what might be causing this problem, it’s ok since we will probably be copying our development site over anyway, but on our production site, search works perfectly. On development for some reason the preview results work, but on the search page, it comes up with several page numbers and doesn’t show any results. Seems strange. But like I said we should be refreshing our development blog with the functioning production blog soon if you are unable to determine what the problem is.

Also I left a review for you on codecanyon. Thank you again for all your help! =)