Reply To: Search by dates

Jaime Fernandez

Hi again Ernest.
Thanks a lot for the code.
But actually it’s not what I was looking for.
So i’ll try to be the more detailed. Sorry if I didn’t explain myself correctly.

The code you gave me shows the Event date of publication/edition.
(As far as I saw, it’s showing that.)
So, if it’s that what you made in the code it’s working OK, but it’s not what I needed.

I’ll explain myself a litle better.
I’ve a Events Website.
So, I need users can search events in relation of when those events are going to take place (not when the events where published)

I’ve trying every combination that I though it would work, but the search dosen’t work.
I’ve read the documentation but i didn’t found anything that could help me…
and I’ve tried to search in your website forums but I couldn’t find nothing relevant either.

If there’s something that I’m missing (documentation, FAQ’s or forum answers) i’ll be glad to have a look and try to solve it by myself. If not, could you give me any advise or path to reach this search?

Thanks a lot Ernest.
You’re great.