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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


However, I don’t think the change for the animation is working.

Can you please be more specific about this? I’m not sure what you mean 🙂

Well, for the speed if you read this chapter and applied all/most of the changes, then after that point is mostly up to the server speed. On shared environments suggestions 1. and 2. in that chapter can make a huge difference.

I can’t say for sure that a VPS is going to solve everything, it highly depends on your configuration – number and quality of plugins, visitors count, server usage etc.. In my case it did miracles. This site and all the demo sites (overall 5 wordpress sites) are running on the same VPS server, which is a 10$/month digital ocean droplet. Before that I was using various shared hosts for much higher price, but after a certain amount of traffic they all failed.
On the downside, this host is unmanaged, meaning that you have to install everything manually via SSH prompt, and if anything fails, you have to fix it. The speed gain is however tremendous, as there is no WHQM nor CPanel running in the background, just the minimal required stuff.

If you ever decide to switch, I suggest making a test environment first. Digital Ocean bills hourly, so you can create/destroy server droplets anytime you want. So if you create a 5$/month droplet and play with it for a week and decide to move, you only pay the portion of 5$ for it.

Here is a tutorial I have written, back when I moved my sites there. It contains most of the stuff you need, but they also have a great deal of tutorials if you can’t find anything.

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