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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko

Thank you, it’s working now.

I have found a few possible causes:

1. Items within the “Ludochrono” category are actually not part of the “Videos” category, regardless if it’s a sub category. The items there are not marked with the “Videos” category. Therefore if the “match at least one of the categories” logic is chosen, it won’t match anything from “ludochrono” because none of the items there is actually part of “Videos” within the database.

2. If I change the “Category/Taxonomy terms logic” option to “All of the selected terms should match”, the items from “Ludochrono” will start to appear in the results – because the “Ludochrono” category is not excluded anywhere, and they will show up, no matter if the “Videos” is unticked, because they are not categorized there.

3. The groups are not affected by the category filters selected. I see you have the “Article”, “Jeux” … parent categories selected to be displayed. Even if the items are correctly categorized, they might not appear only within those selected parent category groups only in the result list. So items from “Ludochrono” might appear within the “Ludochrono” group, instead of “Videos” group. (or both if selected).

A huge group-related rework is coming soon (within 2 updates), which will give you better ability to choose grouping orders, categories, terms, tags, post types and other stuff for better control and configuration. I’m working on this plugin every day, as fast as possible 🙂

Until then, this might be a bit buggy, or might not produce the exactly expected output, my apologies for that – it’s a very old part of the plugin.

Ernest Marcinko

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