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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko

Only if the search cache is enabled. In that case wordpress might not be able to clear it, causing to return cached results. If it’s turned on, make sure to turn it off.

I very highly doubt that this is the cause, but it’s worth making sure.

If you create another fresh search instance, without changing any of the default options, does it return pages? If so, then it might indicate a configuration related problem. If you have lots of data, try to pick a very specific keyword from a page title, which should definitely return a specific page. When debugging these issues, I usually make a test page with a random, one word title, and look for that word to see if matches.

If that still does not return anything, then it’s most likely some sort for compatibility/conflict related problem. In this case, if you have an online test copy, or a staging copy, I gladly debug through the plugin code to see what’s causing the failure.

You can also check the PHP error log file you have one, if there is any errors related or pointing to the search directory, let me know.

Ernest Marcinko

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