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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


I’ve checked the first search configuration and I have found a few issues, which I corrected:

1. On Filter par pays filter the first element was incorrect. It was:

Choisir un élément||Choisir un élément

while it should be simply:

||Choisir un élément

Otherwise the plugin will compare the field to the “Choisir un élément” string, which matches nothing of course.

2. The author filter value was empty, causing no matches, as most fields have author value set. I removed it, as it was not used at all.

3. Not particularly an issue, but the Allow results with missing custom fields, when using custom field selectors? option was enabled, while not neccessary in this case. Since you have empty values in your filters by default – they are not used unless the user selects an option.

It looks like it’s working for me now. Please also note that you are using complex ACF fields (checkboxes, selects), which might not work as expected. For some complex fields ACF only stores serialized data or reference data for obvious reasons, which is not the actual data values to search for (it’s not searchable). It should work in your case just fine, I just wanted to let you know.

Ernest Marcinko

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