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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


The documentation contains all the information step-by-step to configure the index table, that’s why I was referring to it.

I’m not sure if I can give you more explicit details, without seeing how the configuration looks like. The front-end unfortunately does not show any details from the search process itself for security reasons.

I need much more information to be able to tell where the problem is.
– Can you please update your ticket info with log-in and FTP details? It would help me me greatly to check your configuration and make sure there are no errors involved via FTP.
– Were the custom fields selected on the index table configuration panel to be indexed?
– Were the content, titles an all the other fields you want to search selected on the index table options?
– Are the custom fields in question text based, or something more complex – like select boxes, drop-downs or anything other created by ACF? Complex custom fields usually only store reference data, not the actual data, and they are not possible to index.
– Was the index table created successfully? If so, is the total keywords counter on the top of the page shows an more-less the expected keywords count? If it’s seems too low, it might indicate a problem.

Ernest Marcinko

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