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Hi. sorry for bad url.

As far as concerned the buddypress serch for users, groups and topics exist in search engine.

I can setup only these 3 ones and it’s working with disabled “search settings switch on the frontend”

So all i need (if it is possible – this is really not neccesary ) to add this 3 options to switch and it’s allmost done as a edit-code-work in plugin.

Best solution for Me is to have this option developed by Author, so I ask You is it possible? And how much time woul’d it takes?

Optionally I can try to handle it myseft :
-Try to code it on my own or if falls
-use 3 independent searches and make own switch with javascript
-or just disable switch and show results mixed,

If i would choose mixed results without switch :
Seach results should be display ordered by these 3 categories with label over each Members: Groups: Topics:

Is it possible with current version of plugin? ( I will try to develop that version only if other falls )

Thanks and hope it’s not a problem!