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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


Well, I don’t know it it’s related, but I see 2 instances of jQuery loaded within the same scope. One is after this line in the header:

<!-- Some inline Javascript for fast loadings -->

The other is the built-in jQuery. I believe the first one should not be there at all.
Then if I try to access:


in the console, it returns undefined – which suggests that the script is not loaded, but


returns a function. Meaning that the $ scope is a different jQuery or the velocity script is not loaded there.


1. I would recommend removing the first instance of the jQuery, it’s unneccessary, and it’s overwritten by the built-in jquery anyways.
2. Try changing the ready statement you use in the header from:




It’s much better, as it will always use the original jQuery, and pass it on as the $ into the function, so you can still use it in your code.

Ernest Marcinko

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