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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


Both are indeed small issues only.

1. The “/0/” problem. Apparently the qTranslatex plugin is enabled but the compatibility functions are not (on the qtranslate options). This leads to an unknown language issue.
Nevertheless this is my fault as well, as I should have updated the function names, which I forgot. I made a direct change to the plugin to use the new qTranslateX function names. Now the permalinks should appear correctly.

I’m going to address this problem in the future release (4.9.8). In case you need to re-install the plugin, then make sure to enable the compatibility functions in qtranslatex:

2. This one is more tricky, as there is no actual item hovering over the elements and there is no programmatical way of re-creating it. Fortunately I had resolved a similar issue before with something different, and the problem is a CSS bug, which can be resolved with this custom CSS code:

.resdrg .item {
    backface-visibility: visible !important;

That should solve the issue of disappearing items.

Ernest Marcinko

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