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    I’ve attached an image of the filter block that’s currently displayed on a custom search results page as well as a screenshot of my Frontend Search Settings. However I’ve noticed that regardless of whether I change the “Checkbox statuses” field to Checked or Unchecked, the filters will always remain checked.

    I’ve already checked to make sure that I’m adjusting the settings for the right search form since when I change the “Show select/deselect all option” field to ON and “state” field to Unchecked, the filter block is able to replicate those settings correctly.

    I was wondering if I was able to get some help in fixing this issue.

    Also, on a similar note – I’ve noticed that the check symbol doesn’t seem to be appearing on the filter block, which I’m a bit confused about since it appears correctly when I’m editing the custom search results page on Elementor but doesn’t actually appear when I’m viewing the results page normally.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Ernest Marcinko
    Ernest Marcinko


    It seems to be working all right on our test servers, so I suspect this might be a conflict with something.

    Both issues could be caused by some sort of a cache. The “check” symbol not appearing means, that the special font for it is not enqueued, so either something is dequeueing making changes to it. The most likely cause to that are a server side cache – probably a page cache/asset/minify cache of some sort. Clearing that will very likely resolve the problem.

    Try clearing all caches first, and let me know if that helped. If not, then please add temporary back-end and (s)FTP access if possible, I will try to debug the issue directly.

    Ernest Marcinko

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