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Ajax Search Pro 4.9.8 changes

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For the full change log, please check this article.

Changed: Parent-child page exclusion

The old parent-child exclusion option was removed and replaced by a better one, which also allows excluding posts/pages/cpt.
In case you were using it, please re-configure using the new option (Advanced Options -> Exclude results panel):


Post type limit distribution

In case of searching multiple post types (ex. posts, pages, products) the post type limit can be distributed evenly per post type.
For example, if posts, pages and products are selected and the post type results limit is set to 15, then the plugin will attempt to return 5 posts, 5 pages and 5 products at the same time, instead of the default “first matched first returned” default behavior.

The option can be enabled on the General Options -> Limits panel:


Secondary/fill logic

A secondary logic has been implemented for cases when the primary logic is too restrictive or exact matching is on. If turned on and if the pimrary logic matching does not return enough results, the plugin will iterate once more to look for additional results.

You can configure this on the General Options -> Behavior panel: