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Error: One or more plugin tables could not be created..

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If you are seeing the message above, it means, that the database tables required by the plugin were not created automatically. This is a very rare issue, usually related to WordPress database user permissions. In order to resolve it, the tables have to be created manually, by running an SQL command. Please follow the steps below for resolution.

  1. Open your phpMyAdmin or equivalent Database tool on your hosting administration panel, and select the wordpress database. On most hosts this is named wp or wordpress.

  2. After selecting the database, go to the SQL menu

  3. Go back to the plugin back-end, and copy the SQL text from the textarea

  4. Now, back to the phpMyAdmin interface, and paste the SQL text to the input, and hit the Go button

That’s it. You should be greeted with a success message, and the tables should be avaialble now.