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How to use filters only and hide the search bar?

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Plugin version 4.8 and later

On the Layout Options -> Search Box layout panel, you can completely disable the search box, leaving only the settings visible.


Before plugin version 4.8

You will need to apply a few lines of custom CSS code and a custom function to your themes functions.php file.

Custom CSS

IMPORTANT: Add this custom CSS to the search theme options panel, it won't work anywhere else!


Use the search instace you want to hide, you can still have other visible search instances with this custom css:

#ajaxsearchpro_aspid {
    display: none;

Function to reset the search phrase

Put this function into the functions.php file in your active theme directory. It's located in wp-content/themes/theme-name/functions.php

add_filter("asp_final_phrases", "asp_add_empty_phrase", 1, 1);

function asp_add_empty_phrase($phrases_array) {
    if ( empty( $phrases_array ) )
        return array("");
    return $phrases_array;

Additional settings

  1. Allow the plugin to trigger the search with 0 characters entered:
  2. Set the settings layout to “block or custom” and make it visible by default: