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I see a lot of inline styles instead of the plugin CSS, why?

By default the plugin tries to generate and save all the dynamic CSS files into the

plugin cache directory. On plugin initialization this directory is created automatically and given the proper permissions if possible. If however your server has a strict policy on file permissions, this process might fail, and the plugin falls back to “inline styles”, and will probably notify you on the back-end that the directory is not writeable.

Steps of fixing this issue manually:

Step 1. – Make sure that the cache directory exists and is given proper permissions

Connect to your server via your favorite FTP client and navigate to the

directory. You should see the asp_upload directory there. If not, make sure to create it, and give it permissions 0755 or 0777:

Step 2. – Turn off the Force Inline styles option

After you made sure that the asp_upload directory is in place and given the proper permission, it’s time to check if the Force Inline Styles option is disabled on the Compatibility Settings submenu:

Make sure to save the options, even if the Force inline styles option was disabled!

Step 3. – Verify that the stylesheet was created

After saving the compatibility settings, make sure to clear all the cache layers you are using (browser, page cache, Minify Cache, CDN cache etc..), then reload your home page a few times. The inline styles should be gone if you check the page source.

I also recommend checking the the

directory via FTP again, now it should contain at least one file. If yes, then the fixed worked for sure. If you still see the inline styles on your home page, it’s definitely a cache related issue only.