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Displaying the category titles (or taxonomy term titles) in the result title or content

For this task we are going to use a custom filtering function, which connects to one of the filters provided by ajax search pro.

Put the following code to your active theme/child theme functions.php file (copy from line 3 only!):
PLEASE NOTE: It is highly recommended to have a back-up before editing your site files, just in case!

Change the $taxonomy variable according to your needs to the taxonomy:

  • category – for post categories
  • post_tag – for post tags
  • product_cat – for WooCommerce product categories
  • product_tag -for WooCommerce product tags
  • etc..

..the $field variable to either 'title' or 'content' depending on which field you want to add the terms..
..the $location variable to either 'before' or 'after' depending on where to place the terms relative to the field
..the $delimiter to whatever you want between the terms.
..and the $before_output and $after_output variables to print additional text or HTML before the terms output.