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When I type in something, the search wheel is spinning, but nothing happens. Why?

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This is a very rare issue and it’s mostly related to plugins or theme conflicts. In these cases the ajax request is interrupted halfway so the server returns an error 500.

  • Try to disable all the plugins except for the search and see if it’s working then. If yes, then it’s definetily a plugin conflict. By turning on the plugins one by one you can determine which plugin is causing the issue.
  • If the plugin disabling is not working then try to temporary switch the theme to the default to see if it’s working then.
  • Try to put the search to an individual page and check if it’s working then
  • Try to change the Javascript source on the Compatibility settings page


These cases usually end up in a support ticket. The more information you have the better. If you manage to find which plugin or theme is most likely conflicting, it will speed up the support process.

If disabling all the plugins and switching themes does not work, then please open a support ticket with temporary admin and ftp details to allow a quick debugging on the search code.

Please also check:

  • The error log. The root directory (usually public_html) and the wp-content/plugins/ajax-search-pro/ directory contains a file called error_log (without extension). These files might contain useful information about the issue.
  • You can attach these log files to your support ticket (zipped only!)