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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


Thank you for your kind words!

From what I can see it’s some kind of a custom made engine they are using.

Unfortunately you will need some custom coding/plugin to achieve anything similar. One way I can image this is maybe using some kind of “tab” visual shortcode and placing 4 different search instances into each tab content. I believe Visual Composer plugin has something similar built in.
I’m assuming the buy, rent, sell, estimate are categories – in which case you could configure each search instance differently, to search only within the given categories/terms (on the Advanced Options -> Exclude results results panel).

If the layout is not strict, then another possibility is to create a category filter and use the search shortcode and the settings shortcode together. You can use the shortcode generator as well, to help you position the search and the settings box.

Ernest Marcinko

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