Reply To: Fatal error


HI It was working was I need for once ..
I try what you say but don’t work as i need.
I change the configuration to what you told me the other day and works for pacha.
NOTE: Works finde with a ” regular engine” but show a error code on the header, now its deactivate change to this b4 try. With the index table .. the News are not are ring by date…
•Pacha ( posttype Fiesta) date 2-2016
•Restaurante pacha ( post type Restaurante)
•Destino pacha ( post type guia Ibiza)
• next show lates news about pacha (post type agenda Ibiza) now

But in rest of the cases ( Space, amnesia, ushuaia, ) with the same rules, post types, etc … do not work like Pacha
•Space had a date of 2008.. I change to 2016 and now works why not take that old date ? I change to 2016 and works
•Privilege tus form 5-2014 and not show .. if i change to 2016 also do not apear uno very low in the results
• Amnesia was 2013 not apear .. now change to 10-2016 and works

For the rest of search .. ” comer paella” “fontaneria” works
Could you please trun to regular engine and check the error ?? thanks