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Jessica Schamma

Hello again!

Thanks for the fast answer. 🙂 I tried some things meanwhile to make it easier to spot the error. I deactivated all other plugins to see if there is any conflict. And yes, there was one, but after I deactivated the other plugin, there is still an error that even occurs if Related Posts Pro is the only plugin. Now I see the box with the related posts, this time one item is showing, the external link. The other 3 items are links to my own blog posts. The funny thing is, they show up for a glimpse when I load the page, then they disappear, but they are still in the source html code. I suppose it’s just a css issue, but I still need a helping hand. 🙂

I update the ticket so you can log in now. Please, whatever you do, don’t touch the “Comming soon” plugin, I still have to do a lot of work before the site can be shown again. I have a lot of plugins installed, but I will delete a bunch of them when I’m done with the relaunch. The most important ones are activated, for example UserPro, UberMenu, NextCellent Gallery and Shortcodes Ultimate.

This is the post I used for testing:
This WordPress site is in German, I hope you can cope with that. 😉