Reply To: Fatal error


Great …
Just to know : Why works fine with the regular engine and not with a index table ??' in my case will be better use the index.. isn't it?

Also Why Pacha give result like I need
first post type:
Pacha ( postType fiestas date 2-2016) this has a priority 105.. if y put 100 disappear from the results … Why??
Pacha restaurant ( post Type restaurantes date 3-2016 )
Destino Pacha ( Post Type Guia-ibiza date 10-2014)
second: latest post from agenda-ibiza

Now just realize the it missing the “hotel pacha “… Date 4-2016
Also if you search for “hotel pacha” .. appear the 3er position after agenda ibiza post …

Why not working like that for Ushuaia ??
show first some agenda ibiza post
then Guia -Ibiza 9-2016
Them some more Agenda ibiza Post
but not show fiesta or restaurantes PAGE 4-2015 ( fiestas) date 7-2016 Restaurantes date 5-2016

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