Reply To: Fatal error


General Serch
By now I don't really understand how its works but using priority i get the results I want in more of cases.

1 -Using the regular engine works like I want
using the index table ( thats will be better for me ) the post ( agenda-ibiza) are not in date ordering .. not show first the newest.

Restaurantes Serch
1 -For this one I say in the source only to show Restaurantes post type
but show also other post types
Search for ” comer en la playa” show “information util” , ” Marina Botafoch” , “guia de restaurantes”
Search for “restaurantes Románticos” show ” Ciudad amurallada de Dalt Vila”
3 – Sear for ” pastis” how can I do to show only the post ?? not the other tu lines ” todos los restaurantes” “buscador de restaurantes”
4- Search for ” Abierto todo el año ” show 21 results … How do I show all the results ??.. what about pages on the results pages ???

As soon as you update the plunging to get the key words from yoast and we can give this the maximum priority I thing this plugging will be perfect… because in this field I have the most used search words.
another suggestion : add the way this plugin shoe the results