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Sorry for the late response, I was away with my family for 5 days, and you had a lot of questions I had to check for answers.

Restaurantes Serch
2 -For this one I say in the source only to show Restaurantes post type
but show also other post types

No, you have the Search in Posts and Search in Pages options also enabled:
3 – 4. If you want only restaurant post type, then it's not possible to show posts and pages as well. To change the results count, you can do it on the General Options -> Limits panel.

As soon as you update the plunging to get the key words from yoast and we can give this the maximum priority I thing this plugging will be perfect… because in this field I have the most used search words.
another suggestion : add the way this plugin shoe the results

I will definitely consider adding an option to choose and prioritize SEO keywords for a future release.

It is posible to have a specifyc page for results ????
The results page is controlled by your theme exclusively, you need to customize the corresponding theme file for that. It's usually the search.php file in the theme directory.

Any way to disable the ajax .. just go to the results page when hit ???
Yes, on the General Options -> Behavior panel:

Any way to accelerate the search ???
Please read the documentation, there is a whole chapter dedicated for performance:

The plugin performance is usually almost identical to your server performance. These tips include some useful information, but don't expect a huge performance impact, as it is also dependent on your server configuration and performance.

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