Reply To: Indexing Page on Our Site


Ernest Marcinko

Hi Trent,

If I understand correctly you want to search and return the individual data displayed in the table, and the table contains come parts information. The problem is, that this is simply not possible. The plugin can return any post type (like products, posts, pages, portfolio), taxonomy terms (like categories, tags etc..) and some other wordpress generic objects – but in this case the parts are actually just part of the page description as one long text. (or as a shortcode in your case)

In order to be able to search and return the individual items (parts in your case), they should be stored as a custom post type (like a product, post, page or something similar per part). Then, by selecting to search that custom post type (on the General Options -> Sources panel) the plugin will be able to return them as results.

Ernest Marcinko

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