Reply To: Overlay on mouseover gone


Ernest Marcinko

Thanks Bill.

I think I see why, but I don't know what exactly is the cause. Anyways, I think I have a quick solution, but it will require to make 1 minor change in the plugin files:

1. Open up the wp-content\plugins\ajax-search-pro\includes\views\asp.shortcode.php file on your server
2. Change line 64 from this:

if (!self::$dataPrinted){

to this:

if (!self::$dataPrinted || 1){

3. Save the file & clear all caches again.

If my suspicion was correct, then this should solve the problem. In that case, I will look more into it on my test enviromnet for a different, permanent solution for the upcoming version.

If you can't make changes or need help with it, just update your ticket details with temporary FTP access and I will do it for you.

Ernest Marcinko

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